Chali 2na Celebrates 'Fish Outta Water' Anniversary

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Celebrating over a decade since the release of his debut solo album 'Fish Outta Water', the Jurassic-5 foundng member Chali 2na has teamed up with Westwood Recordings to release brand new versions of some his most seminal tracks. Featured alongside brand new music videos are new versions of Comin Thru, Controlled Coincidence, Righteous Way, and Keep Goin.

 Chali 2na - Comin Thru (2020 Version):

Over the decades, Chali 2na has written volumes of lyrical content pushing a vision for the world which speaks for positivity, creativity, social consciousness, and collaboration. Commitment to these ideals and to the authentic soul of hip hop has led to a catalogue of music and lyrics that have cultivated a remarkably consistent musical brand and persona. His musical coming of age happened in and around Los Angeles, most notably at a legendary health food market and cafe-turned-hip hop venue called The Good Life. Aside from the who’s who of hip hop history represented in that place (Snoop Dogg, and Biz Markie all count among open mic attendees), the open mic at The Good Life also gave birth to the act Chali first became famous for: Jurassic 5. 

“I had a conversation with Jimmy Iovine and he told me: If you think the success of your groups is going to dictate the success of you as a solo artist, you got another thing coming. What you gotta do is realize that no matter how successful your groups are, when you get out there you are going to be a new artist no matter what. You’re going to be treated like a new artist. Agencies are going to ask for your tour record, your track record, your bio - you ain’t got that as a new artist, you are new no matter what. You can say what you want but you gotta prove yourself.”

Fish Outta Water, as the name implies, was Chali 2na’s foray into uncharted territory. That 2009 full length LP was a conscious attempt to push out of his comfort zone into something new and definitive. 

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