Everything happens at Midnight.

Welcome to Midnight.

Canada's award-winning independent music agency, dedicated to the art and business of live music.

Founded by industry veterans committed to inclusivity and artistic excellence, Midnight represents a diverse global talent roster. We collaborate directly with artists and their teams to create unforgettable live music experiences.

Our team’s expertise spans multiple genres and markets, working with venues, festivals, and promoters across North America and abroad. At Midnight, we don’t just book gigs; we build enduring touring careers.

Meet the team

Nick Middleton

Co-Founder | CEO

Both a celebrated artist and entrepreneur, Nick's career path is guided by the enduring principal that business can be pleasure. Renowned as one of Canada’s preeminent Talent Buyers, Nick has personally negotiated deals to secure debut market plays for global icons like Lorde, Iggy Pop, Shaquille O'Neal, Paris Hilton, Diplo, Run The...

Grant Paley

Co-Founder | President

A stalwart in the Canadian music industry, Grant embodies a profound connection to music as both an award-winning artist and agent. His musical journey commenced on stage as the dynamic frontman and DJ of the electrifying Moses Mayes. After a decade of captivating performances, he seamlessly transitioned behind the scenes to...

Mackenzie Thomas

Agent | Booking Coordinator

Sage McBride


Liam Colbert

Agency Assistant

Sari Hicks

Agency Assistant

Nirvana Howell

Agency Assistant

Charissa Schamuhn

Digital Marketing

Gabriel Pinheiro

Accounts & Finance

Midnight Agency is generously supported in part by Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia.