Jessu & Pyka Generate Top Fundraising Donation for Rare Rave 2022

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Cure Rare Disease, a non-profit biotechnology organization recently hosted the Rare Rave 2022, a 72-hour music festival/fundraiser leading up to International Rare Disease Day. Dozens of DJs participated in the digital music festival to raise funds on both the main stream and also on their own personal streams. In the end, the digital music festival raised an immense $75,548 for children impacted by rare and fatal diseases.

Two streamers to make a huge impact in the fundraiser were Midnight’s own Jessu & Pyka. Averaging 2,000 viewers on their channel over a span of 7 hours, the duo raised a whopping grand total of $26,037 for the cause, making them top Rare Rave fundraising campaigns. 

During the stream the pair had several huge donations, including $1,000 from and a $1,750 donation from an anonymous donor. The anonymous donation catapulted the stream past their $12,000 outfit change stretch goal, three hours into the stream. An hour later Jessu and Pyka surpassed $15,000 in donations and turned on black light for the remainder of their Cure Rare Disease charity stream.

Jessu expressed her gratitude and disbelief of almost doubling their original goal on social media. You can view her Instagram post to their supportive community along with their top event highlights below:

The Rare Rave 2022 was not only a fundraising event, it was also a way to improve awareness about people suffering from these diseases. When it comes to donations every little helps, and the Rare Rave 2022 brought together musicians from all walks of life.

The Cure Rare disease organization that’s been built and grown through grass roots means. There’s no billion-dollar donation behind what we are doing. This is really the power of families of scientists and clinicians who have decided they want a different future,” said Rich Horgan, Founder and President of Cure Rare Disease.

To learn more about The Cure Rare visit their Twitch channel here: 

Midnight is proud to support artists who use their platforms for exceptional acts of community service and fundraising. Well done Jessu and Pyka!

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