House Heavy Hitter, Cazztek Joins the Midnight Roster

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Two things are guaranteed to happen at a Cazztek set, smiles and dancing - better yet, smiling while dancing. With a thunderous brand of bass wobbles, Cazztek has paved his own way with his unique sound in the world of tech house, with cadences of playful sounds, and driving basslines arranged in a flow that can take you for a joyride you'll never want to stop. 

His presence in the music industry has placed him as one of the leading and most well rounded music producers under the pulse of the house music realm. Ever since he hit the ground running with his debut back in 2016 on Bingo Players’ Hysteria Records, Cazztek has been riding the wave of hit releases across multiple labels such as Atlantic Records, Spinnin Records, Confession, STMPDRCRDS, & Armada Music. 

Cazztek has continued to prove that his signature blend of bangin’ house tunes is fit for any dance floor around the world. His range of production touches on different styles, from hard hitting bass house and down deeper into the tech house bubble, and his versatility has given him a unique stance in the music scene. 

While his originals might hit heavy and get crowds moving to the beat, Cazztek has also become well known for his remixes. His revamps feature an all-familiar groove that have become signature in the producer’s arsenal, packed with slick bass choreo and electrifying melodic progressions. 


With over 30 million total plays to date, his songs have become a key element in nearly every electronic music DJ’s sets. Midnight is proud to welcome this new addition to the growing roster of talent and artists. 


Grant Paley
Responsible Agent (Canada)

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