Grant Paley Named Agent of The Year at Canadian Live Music Awards 2023

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Midnight Agency celebrates the achievement of Grant Paley, Co-Founder & President, who has been honoured with the Agent of the Year award at the Canadian Live Music Awards 2023. 

The CLMA Live Music Awards, held annually to recognize outstanding professionals in the live music sector, bestowed the "Agent of the Year" title upon Grant Paley for his remarkable accomplishments in talent representation and booking at Friday night’s ceremony in the Toronto Westin Hotel as part of Canadian Music Week. Paley’s remarkable ability to identify emerging talent, negotiate lucrative deals, and create transformative opportunities for artists has solidified his reputation as one of the most influential agents in the industry.

"We are immensely proud of Grant Paley for receiving the 'Agent of the Year' award at the 2023 CLMA Live Music Awards," said Nick Middleton, CEO of Midnight Agency. "Grant's passion for music and his tireless efforts on behalf of our artists are unparalleled. This is a testament to his extraordinary work ethic. He’s been a guiding light for so many of our artists as we’ve seen our industry go through unparalleled challenges. Grant has been a pivotal leader and champion of artists across the country as we’ve all worked so hard to return to touring post-covid.”

Opening his acceptance speech with his signature wit, Paley quipped, "I am an agent, so I'm going to take my full 45 seconds." He then moved to express his heartfelt appreciation for his supporters. “I’m truly honored. This award is voted on by the very people in this room. I call you my collaborators, my partners, my artists and first of all my friends. Thank you all for giving me so much of your energy throughout my 25 years in this industry.” 

Paley extended his gratitude to key individuals who have played instrumental roles in this success. “Thank you Nick Middleton for dreaming up a crazy idea to start a new agency in the middle of the pandemic. Thank you to all the Midnight Staff - there’s 9 of us now in 2 years; Mac, Sage, Liam, Charissa, Joel, Luke and Sari. You all play such a vital role for myself, this agency and our artists.” 

Paley also expressed deep appreciation for the artists he represents, emphasizing, "Thank you all 48 of our artists for coming on this journey with me, you are a huge reason I am here and I am forever grateful."

This recognition underscores Paley's exceptional contributions to the Canadian live music industry and his unwavering dedication to nurturing talent and delivering unforgettable experiences. 

The entire Midnight Agency team extends their heartfelt congratulations and acknowledges the invaluable impact Grant has had on the live music industry. 


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