Dijah SB named by Complex as top Canadian Artist to watch in 2021!

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All signs point to another Northern uprising this year. From indie rappers to TikTok sensations, here’s the Canadian talent going in for the kill in 2021.

Highlighted in Complex's coveted "25 Canadian Artists to Watch Out For in 2021" article released on Jan 19th, 2021 - Midnight artist Dijah SB picks up the honours as Complex's #1 artist to watch this year!

"Kid Cudi fucks with Dijah SB, and therefore so should you. Earlier this month, Mr. Solo Dolo himself retweeted a recent CBC performance by the Toronto MC, calling it "tasty." Dijah was already coming off a big year, their debut full-length 2020 the Album garnering much praise—and cracking the Top 10 in Complex Canada's list of The Best Canadian Albums of 2020—with its glitchy grooves and ultra-relatable bars about loneliness and financial stress. They followed that project up in November with an EP, Girls Me Anxiety, and are looking to keep the momentum going in 2021 with a new album, Head Above the Waters. "It has themes of just riding the waves while things are completely fucked right now," Dijah tells Complex. "Just keeping your head above waters. It’s scary right now. But I’m hoping this can bring some sort of light to anybody listening." —Alex Nino Gheciu (Complex Jan 19, 2021)

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