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It’s been 9 months since Midnight Agency began its journey with an emphasis of 'Artists for Artists'. Now that the agency is well on its way, CEO and co-founder Nick Middleton is opening up about his journey from Dj to music executive. 

When it comes to the music industry, Middleton knows his stuff. Covering everything from music production to marketing and more, Middleton is involved in every step of the process. But that wasn't his initial aspiration. In an interview with EDM.comMiddleton admits that he "never really had music as a dream career" and he believed his passion was in film.

"Because I wear multiple hats, I can hit pause for a second and have the perspective of an artist. ‘Does this deal make sense? Does this tour make sense? Does this release make sense?’ Not all agencies or record labels can do that." - Middleton


The progression from artist, to a label head, to agent just made sense for him. And when Covid-19 presented a pause in the music industry, Middleton saw an opportunity to pause and reflect.

"Most people would look at this time as the worst time to start an agency, but I actually look at it as the opposite," Middleton admits. "The pause on touring actually afforded us the luxury that you wouldn’t normally have to think things through."

Partnering with Grant Paley, the two reflected on how they wanted to serve artists, and what they could do differently. Thus, Midnight Agency was formed to take back control for artists, building new revenue streams, and navigating ever-changing demands in a mercurial industry. 

"If we truly ever wanted to start a new agency, this would be the time to do it," Middleton added. "I think Canada was ready for a new agency."


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